Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Bet

My dear friend Petya, who runs the stunning "The Migrant Book Club," recently posed a bet to me, inspired by the Nanowrimo contest: Starting November 1, we must blog each blog once a day for a full month. The loser, that is the one who ends up with the least posts at the end of the month, owes the winner a nice bottle of red. The winner not only gets the satisfaction of the win, but pushes their blogging talent into the stratosphere. I was excited about the challenge, and ready to get this little blog off the ground and make it something worthwhile. Reading is one of my great passions, and to be able to connect with others about the books I love and why I love them is true bliss to me. On November 1st, after publishing my first entry in the contest, I knew was going to beat her (much more) successful blog, not only in amount of posts, but in sheer awesomeness. This was going to be my chance to make it real. And then came November 2nd, and November 3rd, and a double at school and the restaurant; and then came the promises to myself that I would make up the missed entries with daily double posts that would showcase not only my talent, but my brilliance and follow through. Needless to say, I have not done that. Petya, dear reader, I give you the crown, and you can expect your bottle after Thanksgiving. I don't think I have a daily entry in me. (Hold the jokes please.) I was starting to think about blogging about any old thing that came to my mind, and really, who wants to read about my dogs? But what I do have is something a little less intense. I am going to make it my goal, starting with this entry and lasting until Jan. 1, to post twice a week. I will try to make them meaningful, substantial, and give it my best. Hold me to my word. Tell a friend if you like what I have. Join me on Jan. 9 to chat about "The Marriage Plot." And let me know what you are reading.

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  1. It is my very best intention to join you for The Marriage Plot discussion on January 9! Yay for realistic goals! ;)


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