Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's Talk "The Marriage Plot": Jan. 9, 7pm

So, "The Art of Fielding" chat has come and gone, and for a first attempt, it was enough fun that I want to try it again. (I must admit that I had dental surgery earlier that day and was not at my best; the irony that I equate my lack of typing my thoughts that night to my mouth being in pain is not lost on this English teacher.) This time, let's chat about Jeffery Eugenides' latest, "The Marriage Plot." I'm giving you until January 9 to get the novel read, which should be more than enough time to devour the novel. If the first 20 pages are any indication, it should a be great discussion. Last night, sitting among close friends over a glass (or six) of wine, I actually wished for a brief second I was at home, curled up in bed reading it. So, dust off your English Lit. notes, brush up on your favorite Semiotician, and be here at 7pm. I promise not to visit the dentist before we get started!


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